General FAQ

For your convenience, we will post the most common questions and answer them right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly at Contact Us

Q: I am a non-profit and want help with a fundraiser for a goal, how can you help me?

A: Fill out a Contact form or email us at Be sure to describe who you are and what your non-profit is all about. Your phone number is important, we will call and set up an interview with you

Q: I am a Vendor and want to know how I can get on your mailing list for events?

A: Fill out a Application or email us at

Q: Do you offer more than just Vendor Events? 

A: The answer is yes. Many different things depending on your Vision. Let us know your vision and we will let you know what we can do

Q: I have lost money to other Event Coordinators because they cancel events at last-minute or tries to reschedule when it is not a good time for me, Do you insure me a refund in this situation? 

A: The answer is yes. If WE cancel an Event we refund you. If YOU cancel on one of our events, there is NO refund. If an act at catastrophic level causes an event to cancel YOU should have Event insurance to cover you. In most cases we would try to reschedule.

Q: Can I invite a friend or another business partner to help me at an event?

A: The answer is it is your responsibility to communicate that to us. We must know prior to an event. If we do not know they may not admitted.

Q: I am in Direct Sales, can I reserve for my team members?

A: The answer is No. They must follow the same procedure of application

Q: Can I share space or send someone else in my place (sublet)? 

A: The answer is No in most cases. However, in some events that have longer hours or larger crowds we do open up to teams working together. Never in the Private Communities, everyone must be approved for gate entrance.

Q: I want to participate and have a Service Dog or a prescribed Companion Pet, may I still participate?

A: The answer is with the proper notifications and documents. Private Communities do not have to support the ADA, however, due to their restrictions that include many entities from ownership to members, they have procedures to be followed by anyone including residents in their community. If this question pertains to you, you have to follow the same procedure of application for us and email us that you are asking us to check if a service animal is okay. Be prepared with this information to give upon request which includes the permit and shot record attached.

Q: What can I do in helping SWFL Vendor Events to continue these event opportunities?

You are responsible to keep track of your dates, Application required to be on file We will confirm you on schedule by email, an invoice will be scheduled to go out, prompt payment helps us know your commitment.

No swapping representatives/team members without us being notified first especially at a Privately gated venue, this includes helpers without prior approval No subletting, No sharing of space with another type of product, one business, one space.

All of our events attire is business, All of our special events are subject to community approval, if you have paid and not approved, you will be refunded

All of our events are not transferable and NON-REFUNDABLE unless we cancel the event