Coastland Center Mall FAQ

Below are some FAQ. Of course, if you have any additional questions or just want to reply and let us know this email helps, let us know!
When do I get Invoiced? 
You may have already received an invoice – or will soon.
We appreciate prompt payment of the invoice due to our financial commitment to the Mall. We need to meet our requirements in a timely manner.
How much time do I have to pay?
Due dates are on the invoice. If for any reason you must cancel, DO NOT think by not paying your invoice saves your space while you “think” about it, for it will not. You asked us to be on the schedule for the date being invoiced for, you know the fee for it is posted on our website and on all social media posts, the invoice will be issued soon after your request is made. We must also submit before the date of the event, the list of businesses participating. PLEASE let us know prior to or upon invoicing that your availability has changed or that you need more time then the due date so we can fill your space that we are under contract for. This is standard for any of our events.
Can I schedule for someone else?
Any and all of our events are Non-Refundable or Transferable to another event or vendor – even a “teammate”. The exception to this is if WE cancel the event  – we will issue a refund. If YOU need to cancel and a teammate wants to fill your space, they will need to contact us with an email request for the date in question for we generally may have a waiting list and all vendors must have a one-time application for their profile.
What is provided for me?
The mall will set up for you one 6′ Table, one to-the-floor black table cover and 2 chairs. You may use your “branded” table cover over the provided table cover.  Your space Will Be assigned. If you need electric we must know at sign up (provided at no additional charge at this time). No fans – No heaters – No appliances are allowed.  Only 1 extension cord (provided by you) may be used and you can add 1 power strip to your cord at your table. Extension cord must be behind the table and taped down on the floor. We will do our best to accommodate your business we ask respectfully to understand we must adhere to all parts of our agreement.
Can I purchase 2 spaces?
It depends upon your product and business, such as furniture. All other businesses, it is possible if it is available. Let us know at sign up, we will respond to your specific business need by email.
Can I sign up for more than 1 date?
At this time for October & November dates, absolutely. After this it may be limited to once or twice a month, we will evaluate as the events unfold.
Why do I need to send a setup photo with an application?
Consider it a free juried event. (Fees are usually charged from $15 to $150 just to consider juried vendors plus the cost of the event if you research juried events) At this time the application process with us is Free, help us keep it that way by sending the information to us in a timely manner. Your information goes into your profile so when you sign up for an event we can send the photo to our client for approval and/or their marketing purposes. If we do not have a photo for you on file, we do not know what to expect nor does the client – this leaves us in a position with our client having no information for their approvals. Your product in the photo does not need to be current, it is understood things change. However, you want to represent your business well. Any questions on this email us we will send an example.
Will the times change in “Season”?
It is very possible especially on holiday dates or special events.
What time do I get there? What do I need to bring? Which door?
We send out a very detailed setup email a few days prior to all of our events. It will include information to help you be prepared for the day. Not everything may apply to your set up for it is generic for all types of vendors. Please be sure to read it through. If you have multiple dates at a particular venue, you may not get a setup email for every date if it is the same information. Basically, about 1 -1 1/2 hrs prior to event time, business attire, you and your product, the table will be waiting for you.
I am doing great sales – can I stay longer than what is scheduled?
For the most part, NO. However, it is possible that the time of the event on select dates may extend. Conversely, early break-down of your space is not allowed. You are committed for the entire time of the event.
I know I am responsible for my own sales tax – Can I charge additional for credit cards or shipping?
No, under any circumstances. Be sure to price your cash & carry items accordingly.
Can I discuss anything to do with SWFL Pop Up events with mall management or mall employees?
Short answer, NO. Example: If you want extra space, you have a complaint, you want a mall employee to do something, you want an extension of time for you etc… We are your ONLY contact. Mall management will keep a log of names of anyone who “interferes” in our contract with them. This will remove you off all schedules with no refund. We will not consider this as us canceling the event, you canceled yourself by not respecting the business relationship we have with our client to bring you this opportunity.
What kind of signs can I have or need at my table?
Your business name and description are okay. “Join my team or have a party” direct solicitation type signs are not allowed. (See website for full description) Price signs or individual tags are needed. Example: Price sign if you are selling leggings – Sign can say all legging $$. No Handwritten signs allowed for any reason! They must be professional looking as per Mall requirement.
Do I need cash & carry?
It depends on your business. If you have a travel agency, chiropractic or real estate office, it is a given that you are going to provide information and possibly sign people up for a future appointment. If your company has a product to sell, absolutely you must have cash and carry items! If you are a direct sales that is an MLM catalog “party” business, you MUST have a cash & carry inventory to last the span of the event or you will not qualify for this schedule. What does not fit on your table must be able to fit under it, or keep additional inventory in your vehicle which will be accessible in the event you need to bring more inventory inside. If you have racks or easels for something like artwork, let us know at the time you schedule and we will ask them not to put up the table. Be advised, you will need to stay in the same perimeter of space that the mall has designated. We will do our best to accommodate. ANY QUESTIONS specific to your business on this subject, PLEASE reach out PRIOR to invoice – as a reminder they are non-refundable.
What types of products are not allowed on my table?
Counterfeit, Cell Phone products, Tobacco, Illegal drugs, Firearms, knives (unless used for cooking), pipes of any kind, adult products of any kind (family-friendly products only). Warmers, Scents, Essential Oils are okay, scents melted in the plugged-in warmers are not, no incense burning, diffusers being used with oils being emitted into the air or anything else the mall ultimately does not approve. If an item of question is not listed, we will be happy to submit for approval.
How much foot traffic is in the mall?
We really do not know. What we do know is that we went on a weekend day and a weekday in July & August and both days had a sufficient amount of “off-season” traffic during these hours in the location where the event will take place. Keep in mind also that it is Mall supported, up to 20 spaces will be at each date with no less than 10, so our footprint and visibility of the events will clearly be seen.
Where will we be located in this mall?
Literally, positioned around the children play and adults rest area right in front of the food court in the center of the Mall! If you have children’s things, here is a great opportunity to present them. This is also in front of a JCPenney entrance.
So you are set up, you see people walking – can you shout out to them? Raise your voice enough to hopefully get the people walking by to notice you? Motion them to your table? Walk out past 3′ of your table and stop people to ask them to take a look?
In short, the answer is No. We are sure that no one would do this, however, we have to forward the information to you as to the rules and guidelines as stated below:
This is not a “regular” type vendor market (indoors or outdoors) where this may be allowed. This type of behavior is defined by the mall as “hawking” which is not tolerated at all by any tenants at the mall. Even if you see another tenant/vendor/business owner at the mall doing it, do not follow suit… it will save you money and cause you to be restricted from doing any business in this mall.
So here it is, Mall rules: if they approach you or your table directly, they are yours. If YOU are standing in front of your table you MUST be able to reach back and touch your table if they make eye contact, (this is considered an approach). If they are in front of your neighbor’s table, they are NOT yours till they are in front of yours. If the complaint is so strong that it clearly brings Mall management into the conversation, First Offense to the mall is a $500 fine and it is possible your actions will trigger all vendors and us to be uninvited for these events at this mall without any refunds – and depending on the date of non-compliance will costs us the fees we must pay the mall in advance for everyone’s space. They are very serious as you can see about this behavior with their customers!
So here it is, Our rule: if we observe or hear at any time by mall definition “hawking” we will quietly explain to you what we observed or any complaints by giving a one-time verbal warning depending on the severity of a customer complaint. If it continues, unfortunately, it will make us sad for you and your lost opportunity, however, it forces us to take you off all schedules. If your invoice is paid there is NO refund for we did not cancel, you canceled yourself.