We appreciate your inquiry and look forward to the opportunity to work with you. We go to work for right away first by creating a profile on you and your business upon application. We require you to include a photo of your display.

Event Fees: Our event fees for vendors average $25-$125 depending on the type, venue, credentials, and purpose of the event. The fee will be listed in each event on the calendar. The fee we charge as payment is our services and to secure a space for you. Hover your mouse over the date for the type of event and location of that event for preview. Click on the date for additional information. All of our events are rain or shine except for unforeseen acts of God, War or Weather which are out of our control. You can not Sell or Transfer your space if you can’t make it, this is against our policy. All of our events are Non -Transferable and NON-REFUNDABLE unless we cancel the event which qualifies for a full refund.

Select private community events: In partnership with private communities, we plan and execute an event as to their vision. This turnkey service we provide with them is a triple win for us. 1st win, Our small business is supported, 2nd win, Your small business pays a small fee to be in front of a private audience who is expecting you and the type of event you inquired about, 3rd win, the community is able to bring an “event” thru a third party company such as for shopping when most HOA’s has restrictions for solicitation.

How does advertising work in a private community?: We require to be copied on the information they use and send out to their residents/members. This may include a ticketed event to prepare the community and us to know the attendance to expect. We will share this information with you as we are advised.

How do you apply? How do you get qualified for events with us? There are no fees to submit an application. Click on the tab, Quick application for some basic information for your profile in our system. Complete, then email us your display photo and list of event dates with venue listed that you are interested in applying for. Details of qualifications and our policies are listed on the FAQ and occasionally in the event. All of our events, for the most part, is business attire. Specifically, as a rule, NO denim, cutoff’s, tank tops, midriff tops or flip-flops. You are representing your company and ours. All of our special events are subject to approval. If your category or event is full we continue to accept vendors on a waiting list, To be fair we date each one and go to the next one in line.

Do we use Facebook for events? Can they be shared? Well, that depends. We do use Facebook events that are targeted to vendors to let you know what the event is and what type of vendors we are looking for.  If it is a private event you can tag your vendor friends to let them know, Public events we strongly encourage you to share the event, tag yourself in it for your friends and family, Most of all, post about your business if you are a confirmed vendor in the event.

Any questions email us only, no text or phone calls PLEASE! swflvendorevents@gmail.com as a record of your request. We appreciate you may just want to talk to us, however, Due to our experience, Text, phone calls have been forgotten or lost. Email!